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Cast Iron JIS 10K Flanged Ball Valve

Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/FC200/Fcd-S 2-Piece 2-PC Full Port JIS 10K Flanged Ball Valve

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Cast iron/ductile iron/FC200/FCD-S 2-piece 2-PC full port JIS 10K flanged ball valve
Main Parameter
Blow-out proof stem&fire-safe design
Anti-Static Device: with Anti-Static Device(Optional)
Construction: 2-PC
Size: DN15-DN250
P/N: JIS10K, 20K(optional)
Temp.: -40ºC--290ºC
PAD: direct ISO5211 PAD
Materials: Cast iron/ductile iron/FC200/FCD-S; WCB; CF8; CF8M; CF3; CF3M
Deisgn: JIS B2031
Face to Face: JIS B2002,DN15-DN100(6),DN125-DN200(39)
Flange end dimension: JIS B2212
Test : API598, JIS B2003
Connection : JIS10K flange, DIN/ASME flange is customizable
Operation: manual, pneumatic, electric
*More complete drawing and technical specs pls contact us to get.

Main parts list

NO. Part Name   Material
1 Body Cast Iron (FC200/FCD-S)
2 Bonnet Cast Iron (FC200/FCD-S)
3 Nut Carbon steel
4 Bolting Carbon steel
5 Ball Stainless steel (SS304/SS316)
7 Gasket PTFE
8 Stem Stainless steel (SS304/SS316)
9 Stem packing PTFE
10 Gland flange Cast Iron (FC200)
11 Stop collar Carbon steel
12 Circlip Steel
13 Handle Ductile iron(FCD450)
14 Gland bolt Carbon steel

*Partial materials can be customizable according to the demand of customer.


*Reminder: all the dimensions above are only for reference,actual product dimensions prevail,product data subject to change without notice.

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JIS10K/20K Flanged Ball Valve with Direct Mounting Pad